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When choosing STF Electrical Ltd to install or maintain your CCTV system, you can rest assured that we only install high quality equipment, purchased from approved suppliers, ensuring manufacturers warranties . 

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At STF Electrical Ltd we can protect commercial or domestic premises with CCTV systems.  It helps you keep a watchful eye on your property and acts as a visual deterrent for any potential intruders – sending a clear message that nothing goes unseen.

We can provide CCTV systems in Liverpool, Merseyside and the surrounding areas.  Whether you’ve experienced a break-in and are looking to prevent it from happening again, or you want to simply improve your properties security, we have the solution for you.

Here at STF Electrical Ltd, we install industry-leading CCTV systems, purchased from approved suppliers – ensuring manufactures warranties.  We can help you to effectively protect your property against all kinds of criminal and anti-social behaviour without making your property uninviting to visitors, customers, and employees.

CCTV is just one line of defence against crime, and works best when combined with other measures, such as a security alarm, door and window locks, gravel around your property, and security lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re 67% less likely to be targeted by criminals if you’ve CCTV installed at your home, but only 9% of homeowners actually have CCTV installed.

Up to 80% of CCTV footage provided as evidence was deemed such poor quality that it was not used to convict a criminal.

STF Electrical Ltd will not only install a system that is a deterrent but one that can be used in the unfortunate event that it is called upon.

It is important to evaluate a property before giving a price to install CCTV systems.  It requires a knowledgeable engineer to help you choose the best cameras and placements.  This ensures you get the required results from your system.  Call us today on 0151 380 0002 for a FREE quotation.

Got an issue with a CCTV systems that’s no longer under warranty?  STF Electrical Ltd can identify the problem and provide a solution.  We also preform system takeovers in situations where a clients relationship has broken down with their previous CCTV installer/maintenance provider.

All cameras we install come with some sort of “night vision”.  In most cases this is in the form of infrared (IR) technology.  Although we do install “ColorVu” cameras which have the powerful ability to capture full colour in low level light conditions.

All of the cameras we install are HD.  With CCTV it’s important that you have high-quality imagery, as with older CCTV systems the image was often poor making it difficult to identify intruders, even when in plain-sight.

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