Fire Alarms & Smoke Detection Liverpool

Here at STF Electrical Ltd we protect businesses and homes from the devastating effects of fire damage.  We do this by offering bespoke fire alarm and smoke detection systems.  These systems are not only a  compliance tool, they alert you effectively so you can direct first responders to the location of the fire quickly.  This can greatly reduce risk to property and life.

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Commercial & Domestic Fire Alarm Installations

STF Electrical Ltd offer fire alarm and smoke detection systems for both commercial and non-commercial properties.  Whether it be a few smoke alarms at home or installing a full system to BS5839-1 for your business, we have you covered.

By law, all commercial premises must have an appropriate fire detection system in place.  These systems must be tested weekly and should be serviced at least every six months.

Commercially, we can install fire alarm systems to suit the specific needs of your business.  From a simple two-zone conventional arrangement for a small shop, to full addressable systems for bigger installations.  In addition we can also maintain these systems for you, helping you meet your legal responsibilities for years to come.

STF Electrical Ltd can also protect your home.  We can provide mains powered detectors with battery backup.  These detectors can be interlinked wirelessly or hard wired to comply with BS5839-6.  The purpose of this interlinked connection makes sure all detectors in a system sound in the event of a single detector being triggered.  This contributes to making your home a safer place to live.

Our NICEIC approved, fully insured electricians are also on hand for emergency repairs to your fire alarm & smoke detection systems, should the need arise.  We are always on hand to keep your system safe and operational.

Don't let Fire Damage Affect Your
Business or Home