Electrical testing and inspection Liverpool

Are You Looking For Electrical Inspection and Testing in Liverpool or the surrounding areas?

STF Electrical Ltd offers a variety of electrical inspection and testing services to help clients meet their legal responsibilities when it comes to electrical compliance.

We are passionate about promoting electrical safety, quality workmanship and safe working practices within the electrical industry and feel a responsibility to educate and help clients when it comes to electrical safety in their premises.

Electrical Inspection and Testing in Liverpool and the surrounding areas.

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Electrical inspection and testing in Liverpool

What we do?

STF Electrical are experts in electrical inspection and testing in Liverpool and the surrounding areas.  We strive to offer our clients with the most reliable electrical compliance service, whether it be at home or their place of work.

We understand that electrical inspection and testing needs to be performed around your schedule.  Therefore we work with our clients to ensure that there is minimum disruption to them or their business.

STF will keep you up to date with the latest legal requirements and make sure that your installation is complaint with the latest edition of the wiring regulations.  This makes sure our clients liabilities are covered and gives them piece of mind.

What makes us different from other Electrical inspection and testing companies?

We have genuine passion to promote electrical safety, quality workmanship and good working practices within the electrical industry.  We've seen the dangers of poorly maintained electrical installations first hand.  Therefore we see it as our duty to educate and help our clients in the subject of electrical inspection and testing, keeping them complaint.

While others in the electrical industry seem to continue the race to the bottom, we feel there is a space in today's market for a company with strong morale values, one that our clients can respect and trust.

How can we help you remain compliant?

We provide electrical inspection and testing services to both business and domestic customers.  We can provide you with a number of different electrical services (listed below) to help you maintain your electrical installations compliance with the wiring regulations.

Once the electrical inspection and testing work has been completed we will give you clear, jargon free recommendations and advice.  Should any remedial works be needed to your electrical installation we will issue you with a free written quotation to put things right.

What Electrical Inspection and Testing Services do we offer?

Electrical Inspection and Testing

Electrical Inspection and Testing or EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is the term given to the series of tests carried out to ensure the electrical wiring, connections and equipment in your premises are compliant with the Electricity at work regulations (1989) and BS7671: 2018.  The purpose is to ensure safety of all people using or living in the premises.

Emergency Lighting Test

Emergency lighting is required in all non domestic buildings.  This is a safety critical system which in the event of a fire or loss of power will help you to evacuate the building safely.  BS5266-1 2016 are the regulations which set out the testing and verification process for emergency lighting.  All our engineers are trained in carrying out inspections to these standards.

24/7 Maintenance and Repair

We carryout planned and reactive maintenance and repair, along with any remedial work arising after inspection and testing.  If required we can deliver 24/7 maintenance cover to existing clients.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

PAT is the examination of any equipment which plugs into your electrical installation (kettle, toaster etc.).  A PAT test will determine if the appliance is safe for continued use, and will flag any visual defects at the same time.  According to the Health and Safety Executive, there are approximately 1,000 major electrical related injuries reported each year.  These can involve burns and electrical shocks and of these injuries around 30 of them are fatal.  The government in their latest Fire Statistics Bulletin, reported that 5,391 fires were caused by "other electrical appliances" in 2006.  Of these fires, 907 caused some kind of casualty and of those, 12 were fatal.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a non invasive testing process which can be carried out on live equipment.  The point of this is to flag any defective equipment which may have a thermal overload.  Other uses of Thermal imaging can be to detect the presence of cold spots within premises, which may point in the direction of leaks and or faulty window seals etc.

Power Quality Analysis

This can be a cost effective way to reduce costs of energy consumption by cutting down maintenance required.  Mainly in industrial premises where motors or production lines are in use, the quality of your electrical supply can be to the detriment of your on-site equipment.

Fire Alarm Testing

We provide fire alarm maintenance and testing services to safeguard your business and protect lives in case of emergency.  Our professional testing will keep your business prepared and make sure you comply with Health and Safety regulations.

Alarms can deteriorate in numerous ways.  Our trained engineers will test the entire system to ensure everything is functioning, including the mains panel, batteries, heat detectors, smoke detectors, break glass units and sirens.

Electrical Safety Audits

The aim of the survey is to identify gaps in a businesses compliance documentation.  We hope to educate and inform business owners and managers on their 'Duty of care' and the legal obligations that go with there position.

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